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Life Coaching for Women


Do you feel as though you could be achieving more? Are you missing out on opportunities for personal or professional success? Do you feel lost?

This is a clear sign that Life Coaching can help you to improve your life to reach your goal.

Life Coaching will lead you in the right direction, but real success depends on you and your commitment.

This means working and willing to act on the observations and assistance provided. Thus, you will be able to achieve your aspirations and goals in life.


You can have more confidence in career choices, goal setting, relationships, purpose, and happiness.


Other Qualifications.

Professional Personal Lifestyle Consultant Diploma

Professional Life Coaching Diploma.

Professional Mindfulness Diploma

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Samantha Garcia


"I can help you to live your life to your best potential. Limits exist only in the mind."— Samantha Garcia


When you work with Samantha, you are given the freedom to express whatever difficult situation you are facing without judgment.


Samantha can guide you through tough decisions, if you're feeling stuck, or experiencing a challenging time within your workplace or personal life.

What is Life Coaching and Consulting?


In general, life coaches focus on the PRESENT and the FUTURE. Samantha helps her clients to explore their past only as a means of understanding their current life experiences and belief systems. A life coach helps a client where they are now and where they want to be.


If you are experiencing self-doubt, have no motivation, or lack confidence, Samantha will help you to explore options and opportunities.


Her top priority is to help her clients and more importantly, to empower them to live a successful life in the present and  in the future.


Life Coaching and Consulting 1:1 with Women


Samantha provides life coaching and Consulting for women in the following areas:

  • Life purpose and personal goals

  • relationships

  • Negative self-talk, self-doubt,  and anxiety.

  • Fears and limiting beliefs.

The benefits of working with a Life Coach

  • Goal setting and achievement

  • Self-empowerment

  • Having a positive outlook

  • Personal development.

  • Motivation renewal

  • Improving confidence levels and self-esteem

  • Mindfulness and breathing exercises.


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Samantha is a Forex trader and an author.