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Dating a Narcissist: the monster behind the mask

Are you dating a narcissist and don't know it? Has your partner belittled you, and blamed you for everything? Chances are your partner is a narcissist. Dr. Alfredo Garcia explains what exactly is a narcissist and what is a narcissistic personality disorder. This book is for women who fell in love with a monster—without knowing it.


You will learn: The narcissist's ego, why some women stay with narcissists, a narcissist's manipulation, sex with a narcissist, how to leave a narcissist, the difference between the covert and overt narcissist, narcissistic parents and siblings, why narcissists don't have friends, dealing with a narcissistic boss, what can you do, and what shouldn't you do. You will also learn from real women who dealt with their narcissistic partner and boss.


Narcissists can have a devastating effect on the people around them, who experience triangulation, gaslighting, verbal abuse, manipulation, and silent treatment.

Available on paperback or eBook.

Coming soon - The Magic of Hypnosis.

Do you have a desire to succeed, but your thoughts hold you back? With Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), your way of thinking will be reprogrammed by understanding and controlling your brain’s behavior. To improve your life, you need the right tools for success.


In this book, you will learn how to reduce your stress levels and anxiety, eliminate limiting thoughts and beliefs, change how you feel about past mistakes and failures, and most importantly, how to feel motivated and inspired about your life.

Hypnosis is a User Manual for your Brain.

A Science that works like magic—This is the magic of Hypnosis.


Don’t let your bad thoughts invade your own greatness!

The Magic of Hypnosis will show you the right way. More details will be available soon.


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