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Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric Band
Sheila Granger

Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band is an advanced weight loss program. This system is a non-surgical technique. Our system allows you to enjoy the foods that you want, but your mind is reprogrammed to eat smaller portions.


Remember that this is not a diet, and you will not feel deprived of hunger, unlike diets that restrict you of many foods.

How it Works


Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychological strategies convinces the brain that the stomach is full. There is no need for more consumption of food because your stomach has been shrunken to a small-sized pouch. This non-surgical technique is safe and a much more effective way to lose weight.

The Virtual Gastric Band procedure has achieved better results compared to a surgical gastric band procedure that involves lengthy delays in hospital and post-operative complications.

Virtual Gastric Band is totally safe and quick. The procedure is done privately without long delays in the hospital. This system carries no costly invasive surgery and there will never be any risk or ongoing medical treatments.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is recognized by the medical profession as a useful and powerful therapy. In 1955 the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnotherapy is a valuable medical tool.


In 1962 the American Psychiatric Association recognized that hypnotherapy is a viable modality to treat many psychological problems.

In 1970 another study found that hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate, with fewer sessions needed than Psychotherapy or Psychological therapies. It is a total breakthrough in the field of Neuroscience.


Hypnotherapy will give you the motivation to handle the emotional eating triggers to achieve a permanent and healthy way of life.

Your program includes a four-weekly session once a week for one hour. It takes 28 days to form a new neural path—new habits! Therefore, your weight problems will be a thing of the past forever because your eating habits will change. You won't feel deprived, miserable, or hungry.

By losing weight, you will avoid future illnesses such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, high cholesterol, joint problems, and other health issues.

Be Committed

Effective Hypnotherapy will work if you are committed to the program. You must be open-minded and be willing to change old habits. If you break your bad habits, you will break the diet cycle. No more binge eating or depriving yourself of food. Ask yourself, who is in control?— You are.

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